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Located in the Hi-tech industrial development zone,Xinyu,Jiangxi Province , Hvvea Amperex  Co. ,Ltd . was established on Nov.16  in 2016. It is an integrated company which is conform to R&D, manufacture, usage , in lithium ion batteries  . The park makes it with  perfect, convenient transportation and beautiful environment, covers an area of 19 acres.The registered capital of  the company  is 50 million RMB, planed to invest 280  million RMB at the first phase of the project to build a fully automated production lines to make 18650 or 20650 battery 50K/day, expecting total annual production capacity to be 2GWh and annual value to be 700 million RMB.The company  upgraded the development of the production workshop2000 square meters, including five production workshops,a scientific research office,three staff dormitory and a restaurant  at the first phase of the project .The landscape style modern industrial park  based on Hi-tech that  is created by fine careful planning and scientific reconstruction  under the premise of governments strong support and policy support .The management structure is reasonable and strict and  the company adopts the militarization management,offering more career opportunities for the staff to play to their strengths in the process of developing their overall abilities constantly and pays great attention to talent introduction,step construction and the execution which forms characteristic of sex wolf business culture.

The early stage of the product positions for 3C high-end digital batteries: 2500 ,2600 ,3000mAh batteries ; 10c high magnification products: 1500 and 2000mAh batteries; power battery series :2400 and 2500mAh.The company will research and operate other high-end power batteries used  for energy storage station,walking vehicles,electric bicycle ,space military products and ships ,also will establish a scientific laboratory based on technology to  seek to develop breakthrough from equipment optimization ,the improvement of product quality relying on the basis of 18650 battery relatively mature technology to set up enterprise by continuous technological  breakthrough innovation.

Marking positioning :Expand sales channels depending on the  strategic partners and brand strength,Hvvea  Amperex is planing to new energy electric vehicles,military industrial and high-end unmanned aerial vehicle  with steady progress to form Hvveabrand in the future.Integrate social resources fully for jiangxi  factory  production base , research and development center to establish Hvvea Marketing Center In Shenzhen ,Jiangzhe New Energy Office ,Hongkong Hvvea Trade Co. ,Ltd.and Network Operations Department Brand