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Daily output will be 500 thousands model of 18650 digital batteries  and 20650 power batteries  as  R &D, production,usage ,sales of lithium batteries on the basis  of market analysis

The early stage of the product positions for 3C high-end digital batteries: 2500 ,2600 ,3000mAh batteries ; 10c high magnification products: 1500 and 200mAh batteries;

Power battery series :2400 and 2500mAh; energy storage station,walking vehicles,electric bicycle ,space military products and ships  and other high-end power batteries R and D .

市场分析:Market Analysis

Digital Group :The global consumer electronic products demand for lithium ion battery  for showing a obvious downward trend by  2011 more than 80% fast down  to 55.7% in 20114 from 2011 to 2014.It’s estimated that the demand will fall dawn 30.5% by 2020 .At present,most domestic companies(such as :BYD,ATL,DBK,FST, etc.) dedicated to power batteries.There will be a leap-style development of power market with  the layout of 2016 and 2017.

Base  station power market: The base station with the mobile communication network from 3G to 4G or 5G direction,in the densely populated area of high density construction of a large number of small micro mobile communication base station,the realistic condition of land makes lithium  battery become this kind of power station s unique choices.the application of lithium  battery in the power market will be rapid development  in the next year.

The base station power battery:According to  statistics,the global demand for traditional 3c electronic lithium batteries in the proportion decreased from 80% in 2012 to 53% in 2015,while benefiting from the rapid development of new energy vehicles the power lithium proportion increased from 11% to 28%,the future trend will continue by 2020,power proportion will reach 47%.

生产配置:Production Configuration

The factory regard it with high quality ,high standards as the  production equipment in the spirit of green environmental protection ,conservation and recycling enterprise standard.

设备智能化;Intelligent Equipment

We adopt domestic   advanced equipment technology  to achieve scientific and reasonable intelligence,automatic production line standard for examining and screening of many excellent equipment suppliers,domestic well-known equipment manufacturers.

新能源概念: The concept of new energy

生产线的节能环保:Energy saving and environmental protection of production line

Ensure maximum safety and the production demand  with the premise of energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time ,using fuel from the planing of vacuum  oven ,automatic lithium battery steam heating vacuum oven and other international and domestic advanced equipment to make the  enterprise itself to achieve energy conservation and  environmental protection ,green cycle  standard to produce new energy battery  with taking full use of recyclable resources and recycle technology .Of course,we hope to be able to make a breakthrough contribution to the lithium  industry .

厂区的节能环保:Energy saving and environmental protection of  the factory

New energy companies are a prosperous industry that emphasizes the sustainable development,new energy products should be environmental conscious and should be reflected in all aspects of enterprise philosophy  ,our company insists on starting from the base and every detail to make a unified ,efficient ,modern and high -tech industrial park to shape the enterprises spirit and to explain  new ideas of new  energy companies by high-tech environmental protection material .