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Office Clerk Recruitment

职员招聘Office Clerk Recruitment

一,招聘要求Recruitment Requirements

1,Apply For A Position:Combinate with the practical situation of the individual according to the job requipments,one person applies for a position in principle ,but no more than two .

2,How To Apply :

1),Send the resume in both English and Chinese through the Hvvea official ,51job and Xinyu talent network.

2),Send your Curricula Vitae to our

3),Indicate information in your email subject(department+position+name+contact information)

3,面试须知Interview Guide:

1),Please make an appointment for the interview with your resume,ID card,diploma and other relevant certificates.

2),Please contact with Ms.liu 0790-6783399     18079093399

普工招聘:General Worker Recruitment

应聘方式:Application Method
1,Message:Send  a message (name+ID number+done or not in   the lithium industry) to 18079093399,the recruiter will verify the  information and inform the interview immediately.

2),Telephone Registration:0790-6783399  18079093399

(Please explain that you looked at the recruitment information of  Hvvea  offical)

Answering time is Monday to Friday 8:00am to 12:00am ,14:00pm to 18:00pm

招聘岗位:Recruiting  Position

Operator and Inspector

应聘条件Candidate Qualifications:

1,In accordance with legal age ,all genders ,have relevant knowledge of the job requirments.

2.Good eyesight, good healthy ,abide the arrangement,compley with  the company regulations,

3),Provide the original  ID card,experience in lithium industry worker is preferred.

二,招聘流程Recruitment Process

1,The physical inspection of general worker recruitment is completed in one day.The company will arrange the accommodations for the interview by interviewer.

2,Expect for the physical inspection fee,the company will not charge by  any form ,and beware of fraud.

3,The recruitment process is as follows: