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一、Salary Structure Of Offical Clerk

1,Major componment of salary:basic wages+merit wages+overtime wages+full attendence award+working award

2, The company determines  the post wages  according to the position,diploma and work experience.

二、Salary Structure Of The  Line Staff

1,Basic Salary:1480yuan/month.

2,Overtime Salary: The company obey all the regulations in labour law,implementing five eight-hour working days per week.

三、Other Welfare

1,The company provides free meals(breakfast.lunch,dinner)

2,The company offers free accommodation with free hot water,WiFi,independent restroom,independent  bathroom,independent balcony,electric fan.24 hours security patrol.

3,The living facilities is perfect,with supermarket,public library,laundry room,billards room,chess room and other places.

4,Safe and comfortable working environment,24 hours of constant temperature workshop and beautiful office  buildings.

5,The company provides  birthday gifts and wedding gifts for the staff and factory uniform.

6,The staff is entitled to have the legal holidays stipulated by the country,contracting with employees,taking the social insurance according to the state and the company regulations.

7,The standardized training channels,providing  a broad career development for the staff.